Jib Crnes

Jib cranes can effortlessly assist and multiply human efforts, handling loads precisely up to 6300kg.

Jib Cranes are useful especially for loading or unloading of workpieces on machine tools. These are also useful for loading or unloading of trucks. They can become an inseparable part of a standalone workstation.

Column mounted Jib Cranes are necessary when no appropriate support is available near a workstation. Wall mounted Jib Cranes are ideal solutions for workstations located near walls or vertical structures. ElectroMech designs and manufactures such Jib Cranes using Abus hoists to suit specific customer requirements.

Jual Hoist Crane

Electro Mech supplies standalone Electric Chain Hoists and Electric Wire Rope Hoists for various handling requirements across industries. With a reputation for quality, reliability and affordability, ElectroMech hoists feature advanced engineering concepts with special emphasis on safety and versatility. This proven range encompasses several standard models of Abus hoists with options of load capacity, lift, hooking arrangements and headroom requirements.

Electric Chain Hoists

The new generation of Abus compact chain hoists feature a fresh new design and convincing technical solutions. The 3 phase, 400 volt hoists are available in four different sizes to reliably handle loads from 80kg to 4t. The motor and the gear units are of modular design, allowing to produce a wide variety of versions for lifting speeds up to 20m/min. & FEM groups up to 4m.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Abus Wire Rope Hoists are compact with low headroom dimensions and incorporate latest technical innovations. These hoists are produced using the most advanced technology available and continue to bear witness to the reliability, safety and durability year after year, from motor to rope, gearbox, brake and electronic systems. These units cover an extremely wide SWL range from 1000kg to 125t in both Monorail and Double Girder configuration.

Jual Crane Wall Travelling

The Abus Single Girder Wall Travelling Crane is designed to operate on a lower level beneath a large travelling crane system. These cranes provide additional handling possibilities and ensure smooth and trouble-free material handling between different working areas..

A wall travelling crane installed at right angles across the hall can serve several workstations. Abus Single Girder Wall Travelling Cranes are available for a maximum load capacity up to 5000kg and for a maximum outreach of 10m depending upon the load capacity..